Chiron Celebrates Nurses

May 13th, 2020

As National Nurses Appreciation Week comes to an end, Chiron Physical Therapy once again pauses to celebrate and thank nurses who serve in our communities across Loudoun County, Northern Virginia and everywhere in between and beyond the state.

As your fellow healthcare providers, Chiron commends you for your:

  • Intelligence to diagnose and alleviate the pain associated with the variety of illnesses and symptoms that present themselves to you daily;
  • Boundless energy and unending compassion in comforting, caring for and advocating for your patients;
  • Tireless patience in educating your patients and their families on the situation at hand;
  • Time in coordinating the care of your patients with other healthcare providers including our physical therapists.

In addition to commending you for your professional work, the Chiron Physical Therapy family also wants to thank nurses everywhere for the sacrifices you make to care for those in our communities. We recognize the missed meals with families, the weekends, holidays, school events and other special events that pass you by and the long hours you work to insure we who come in contact with you are treated, cared for and returned to our families timely and healthily.

And finally, we want to thank all the families of nurses. Thank you for sacrificing your time with your mother or father, wife or husband, aunt or uncle, sister or brother so that they in turn can selflessly serve and save the lives of others. Nurses are heroes but you the families who support them behind closed doors are the unsung heroes through it all.

Nurses …. The Chiron Physical Therapy family respects you, appreciates you and thanks you for all you do make lives better in South Riding, Stone Ridge and all communities in Northern Virginia and beyond.