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Physical therapy is the science of assessing and restoring motion, such as:

  • Motion of a particular joint or body part.
  • Particular movement patterns.

Physical therapy helps patients improve function, enabling them to enjoy their daily activities.
Physical therapy is a non invasive cost effective solution to healing faster, improving function, restoring motion, decreasing pain and preventing injury.

Physical therapy can treat a wide range of ailments. Some of the more common reasons a person might visit a Physical Therapist are:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder, arm, wrist or hand problems
  • Knee, ankle or foot problems
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sprains and muscle strains, such as:
    • Work injuries
    • Weekend “warriors”
    • Gardening and shoveling issues
  • Arthritis
  • Hip Fractures
  • Problems with balance
  • Cardiac History
  • Neurological conditions, such as:
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Improve general health, such as:
    • Lose weight
    • Build your cardiovascular system
    • Train for a specific sport
  • Strengthen prior to surgery

Chiron has an exercise based philosophy toward achieving goals. Life is about movement and by using guided exercises in your healing, we will get you back to living pain free faster. Manual therapy techniques will also be used as necessary during your course of treatment.

Schedule an appointment and we will perform an evaluation and talk with you about your current medical status and determine if we believe physical therapy would be an effective course of action.

We evaluate and start you on the road to recovery during your first visit. We review your medical history and the situation that brought you to our office, test your current movement and discuss your individual goals. We then design and begin implementing your personalized program to address your specific situation and get you on the road to achieving your goals.

Your therapist will observe and measure the following areas, among others:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Movement
  • Coordination

While there are many factors involved in the physiological healing of injury or disease, the patient and physical therapist can control two of the most important: frequency and continuity of care.

Daily physical therapy rehabilitation is common for patients during a hospital stay, inpatient rehabilitation and home care. However it is not common in outpatient therapy. Once a patient returns their normal activities of life and work, they tend to decrease the amount of time they spend healing. While we know that cumulative therapy is best and that you will improve more rapidly with continuity of care, this tends not to become priority. It can be inconvenient having to schedule appointments around work and the daily routines of life. However, for OPTIMAL success in healing, continuous care is necessary. It is our belief that you should be treated THREE (3) times per week (with a minimum of two).

Also, insurance restrictions can make it difficult to receive the amount of care that is considered optimal. In this day of managed care, insurance companies limit the amount of therapy received and the time frame for which this therapy is utilized. This can cause disruption in care, which can prolong the healing process. This makes it that much more important to complete the plan of care as prescribed by your doctor and therapist.

Chiron Physical Therapy participates in Medicare, Workers’ Comp, No Fault and most major insurance plans. Our Guest Services Coordinator will verify your insurance in advance of your first appointment to determine what your physical therapy benefits entail and will review the benefits with you.

Physical Therapists are licensed health care providers and vital members of the health care team. They are educated in the rehabilitation and prevention of injury through the use of exercise programs. Physical Therapists are experts in the examination and treatment of muscular and neuromuscular problems that affect people’s abilities to move the way they want and function as well as they want.

Yes, our physical therapists are Direct Access certified in the state of Virginia. As such – except for Medicare and Worker’s Compensation – you can come directly to Chiron for evaluation and treatment without first seeing your physician.

Rest assured, if during our evaluation, we believe you have a more significant problem – i.e. a break or tear or pain that is not muscular – we will immediately refer you to a physician.

Direct Access refers to the ability of individuals to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without being referred by a doctor. If you believe you have a problem that may benefit from the services of physical therapy, you may “refer yourself” for treatment.

Insurance does pay for your course of treatment in accordance with your policy. Any patient financial responsibility – i.e copays, co-insurance, etc. – associated with your care is the same as if you had come to us with a prescription from your physician.

With the rising costs of healthcare, direct access does provide a cost savings and in many instances a time savings as you can begin treatment sooner.

Make healing a priority and maximize your insurance benefits. We, as the physical therapists, will educate you on the importance of getting better and will hold you accountable for actively participating in your treatment. As a team, with consistent care, we can succeed in faster healing and getting you back to the daily activities you enjoy.

Loose fitting clothes that enable you to have a full range of motion comfortably. Tennis shoes are also a good choice when coming to physical therapy. Some good examples are: basketball shorts, wind pants and cotton or athletic T-shirts. It is recommended that you not wear jeans or open toed shoes.

At Chiron Physical Therapy, we believe in treating you for sixty (60) minutes. We respect your time and promise to get you in on time and out on time so you can continue “living life” while you heal.

Your financial responsibility for physical therapy is dictated by your insurance company. Our Guest Services Coordinator will verify your insurance in advance of your first appointment and let you know what, if any, your financial responsibility will be.

Payment is due at the time of service. It may be remitted via cash, check or credit card.

If you are committed to making a difference in the lives of others, we absolutely want to hear from you regarding potentially joining our family.

Please mail or fax your resume with a cover letter. Your cover letter must include an email address, whether you desire full time or part time (if part time, what is your availability?) and which of our core values speaks loudest to you and why. We promise to review it and contact you accordingly.