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Improve Your Posture . . . Improve Your Health

Improve Your Posture . . . Improve Your Health

Poor posture is a direct consequence of a modern lifestyle. A lifestyle in which we sit staring at our computers, mobile devices, gaming devices and televisions for prolonged periods. Poor posture can add years to an individual’s appearance without the slightest hint to the individual. The causes include:

  • Habit . . . the unnatural postures of sitting at work (hunched over a computer), standing with uneven weight distribution, leaning forward with a rounded back tend to add up and cause a permanent unnatural alignment of the spine. And with that, “bad” posture becomes “normal”;
  • Injury . . . if your back, neck or shoulder muscles have been injured, you may find it challenging to sit up straight. Injury or weakness in certain muscles can cause you to slouch;
  • Stress . . . undergoing physical and/or mental stress can be exhausting on your body which in turn directly affects your posture;
  • Shoes . . . inappropriate footwear can lead to generalized back pain, hip/knee pain and postural problems.

Overcoming Poor Posture Can Be Challenging

But this is your moment!! This is the moment that you resolve to take the steps necessary to prevent or to alleviate poor posture. This is the moment that you choose to focus on restoring muscle balance and proper joint alignment. This is the moment that you choose to protect your back by using correct techniques when lifting objects. This is the moment you choose to make it a habit to stretch at regular intervals while at work. This is the moment you may even choose to talk to us about your pain and have custom foot orthotics made by us for you.

Physical therapy is a proven solution for poor posture and associated aches and pains. Your friends at Chiron Physical Therapy will:

  • evaluate and determine the root cause of your poor posture
  • provide you with a precise, targeted exercise plan to restore optimal posture;
  • provide you with the tools / tips of exercises to avoid and stretches to do throughout your day;
  • educate you on the correct ways to sit and stand, move and lift items, get in and out of bed and exercise / breathing techniques to minimize strain on your joints.
  • teach you to be self-aware. Your body has found its way into an unnatural “comfort zone.” You must remind yourself regularly that each day you sit up or stand straighter brings you one day closer to relief.

The BEST NEWS is that once you are maintaining good posture, you will begin experiencing dramatic health benefits such as:

  • Breathing is greatly improved. When you slump, your lungs are “squashed.” Good posture makes room for your lungs to function at their best which subsequently has a healthy impact on all aspects of your body’s functions;
  • Organs, bones, joints and muscles are protected. Because it supports most of the weight of the body, your lower back is most vulnerable to the effects of poor posture. Holding good posture reduces unnecessary strain and pressure on these body parts;
  • Risk of arthritis is reduced. Because poor posture places an unnatural amount of pressure on your joints, wear and tear often develops which in turn leads to arthritis. Good posture enables your joints to operate at optimal levels.
  • Your energy levels are elevated. When your bones and joints are in correct alignment, you are able to use your muscles more efficiently thereby reducing the amount of energy you need to expend for basic tasks;
  • Dramatically improves how you feel. Holding ourselves upright (good posture) gives us more confidence which concurrently makes us feel happier;
  • And your golf game may even improve. People spend thousands of dollars each year on new and improved equipment but the most important piece of equipment remains your body. When one follows a program that addresses muscle imbalances and body mechanics, you are set up to succeed.

Your friends at Chiron Physical Therapy stand ready to relieve your neck and back pain, train you on the best way to attain and hold good posture throughout the day (and on the golf course) and help you make this a posture perfect season.