Let Hope Rise!

March 24th, 2020

Hope, love, kindness, empathy, grace … wins every time!!!

By now you are probably on “information overload” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Trying to separate fact from fiction, truth from rumors and digest the latest information being communicated via tv, radio, internet and conversations in the neighborhood. It is all overwhelming, enables fear to grab a foothold in decision making and raises stress levels to the point that we see stories showing people fighting in stores.

Your Chiron family wants to remind you we live, work and play in an amazing community. One that we have seen time and time again rally around those in need. And we encourage you to hold on to THAT – to those core values – during these stressful times.

Obviously follow CDC recommendations . . . practice good self-hygiene (wash your hands, cough into your sleeves, etc.) and good self-care (proper sleep, proper nutrition, stay hydrated, etc.). But also do what Loudoun County residents do best:

  • Check in on your neighbors
  • Offer to run errands for those who may not be able to
  • Support each other / others who have childcare issues as a result of school closings

Our doors remain open to serve you and continue with our PERFECT PT and Quality Care you expect of us. Unfortunately we know your pain / discomfort is not going away during this time. So please take care of yourselves and allow us to help you to continue moving forward toward stronger versions of you.

Remember, hope, love, kindness, empathy, grace beats fear every time!!! We will get through this unprecedented time together as a community, as a county and as a country.

Chiron Physical Therapy . . . committed to you, your family and our neighbors ALWAYS.