John Krupa Owner Physical Therapist

John W. Krupa III , PT, Owner

Licensed as a physical therapist in 1986, John has owned and independently operated outpatient physical therapy clinics since 1991. Because of his experience and success in the physical therapy field, John has been included in the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executive & Professionals, has served as Vice-Chair of the Long Island District New York APTA, has been selected to (and served on) the New York State Board of Physical Therapy and has consulted a hospital through a successful improvement in the efficiency of their outpatient physical therapy services rendered.

Listening to people, caring for people, getting results for people and simply making a positive difference in the lives of others has been John’s driving force throughout his professional and personal endeavors. In 2015, John moved his family to Loudoun County to bring his passion and commitment to providing Quality Care to the South Riding and Stone Ridge area. 

For John and the environment he has created at Chiron Physical Therapy, Quality Care is not a catch phrase. It is how we make the individual feel when they interact with our office (before, during and after each treatment session). It is the compassion we embody to an individual who is in pain and has had their life suddenly interrupted. It is the flexibility we show in assisting the individual schedule appointments around their busy lives. It is the passion we show about what we do and how we do it. It is our ability to listen and truly hear what the individual says (and doesn’t say) and what they wish to accomplish (their goals). It is our commitment to educating the individual on their injury, the course of treatment before them and how to prevent re-occurrence. For John, Quality Care is not simply what we do. For John, Quality Care is WHO WE ARE.

Before moving to Loudoun County, John served his hometown for 17 years as a volunteer fireman, served on the Board of Directors of his church and remains an avid fan of the New York Islanders, New York Mets and Dallas Cowboys. A former collegiate runner, John has a passion for an active lifestyle and enjoys cycling, golfing, swimming and playing basketball.