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Transformation through Physical Therapy

Transformation through Physical Therapy

Transformation is such a powerful, healing and inspiring word. Trans means “above” or “across.” Form refers to your limits, shapes or boundaries. And the suffix ion means “the experience of.” When we experience a transformation or a changing of the shape we are in, we can have the experience of rising above our previous limits. Your friends at Chiron Physical Therapy stand ready to help you transform the physical state you may find yourself in and soar to new heights.

Physical therapy is the science of assessing and restoring motion (motion of a particular joint or body part, or a particular movement pattern). Physical therapy helps individuals improve function which enables them to get back to the daily activities they enjoy. (i.e. gardening, walking the dog, golfing, playing with the grandkids). Physical therapy is a non-invasive cost effective solution to healing faster, improving function, restoring motion, decreasing pain and preventing injury.

The physical therapists of Chiron in South Riding are experts in the examination and treatment of muscular and neuromuscular problems that affect people’s abilities to move the way they want and function as they want. We will design a comprehensive treatment plan to get you the fastest relief and the longest lasting results. Combining manual therapy techniques and exercise programs with our personalized, compassionate approach, joints and tight muscles will be loosened and strengthened, pain reduced, range of motion increased, flexibility improved and relief achieved.

Physical therapy provides effective relief for your ankle / foot pain, arthritis, post surgical care, neurological conditions, back pain, sciatica, knee / hip pain, headaches, orthopedic conditions, shoulder pain, balance issues, sports injuries.

Chiron Physical Therapy . . . helping you experience a change of the shape you’re in and enjoy the experience of rising above your previous limits so you can get back to enjoying the activities that make up your life.