How We Define Quality Care

25 Apr, 2019

Quality care.

People try to define this term in many different ways, and many assume it’s synonymous with how good you are in your profession. We don’t define “quality care” as being the best therapist, though. Nor do we define it as having the best technology at your fingertips or the best facilities.

What really defines quality care for us is the patient’s experience—not just how your therapist treats your injury, but how they treat you as a person. That experience isn’t just based on your relationship with your therapist, but your whole experience while undergoing care.

That care starts with the first phone call you make to the office and how you’re spoken to during that process of setting up your appointment. You may have to divulge financial information or discuss insurance issues in this situation, so the people you speak to here are just as important in creating a quality experience as the therapist, themselves.

Then, once you come in for your first appointment, how are you greeted? When you meet with your therapist face to face for the first time, do they really understand how your life has been impacted? Aside from just fixing your injury, how has that injury impacted you?

From the moment you contact us, our team is dedicated to making your experience the best it can be. Let’s face it—this is the best of a worst-case scenario. You’re hurt, and you didn’t plan on undergoing physical therapy. Nobody ever plans on undergoing physical therapy. You’re doing it because something forced you to, so we make sure you’re cared for throughout the entire process.

As we help you recover, we’re concerned with not just your injury, but how well you’re able to transition back into your daily activities. If it’s not possible to transition back into all of your daily activities, we help you with your ability to adapt.

In other words, we define quality care as whether you felt cared for or not. We want you to feel cared for from the moment you walk through our door to the moment you leave.

So remember, if you ever have any questions for us or there’s anything we can help you with at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.