Wasn’t it 65 degrees just 48 hours ago?…tips to stay safe with “S” on the way

December 15th, 2020

If the radar is to be believe – as if we didn’t need another “thing” to remember 2020 for – Loudoun County is about to experience its first snow of the season with the potential for the amount to exceed all of last year.

While the snow may bring activities we enjoy such as making snow angels, snowball fights and sledding, it can also lead to pulled muscles and injuries from falls. So with that, your Chiron family wanted to remind you / share some tips you have heard a thousand times but are essential to remember in the coming hours / days:

Snow Shoveling Tips:

  • Stretch prior to going outside to warm and loosen muscles;
  • Shovel early and often. Remember, each shovel full of packed wet snow can weigh close to 10 pounds;
  • Push, lift and throw. Push the shovel to fill it. Lift with your legs and arms, keeping your back straight and then throw without twisting. Never throw the snow over your shoulder.
  • Take a break every 10 minutes. Stand straight up and take a moment to stretch.

Tips to Reduce Risk of Falling:

  • Avoid walking on snow banks because the snow may be softer than you expect and thus you will be unable to stand;
  • Be mindful entering buildings as the floors are usually slippery from melted snow and ice;
  • Be mindful of your surroundings while walking (black ice, regular ice);
  • Engage in a regular exercise program to improve strength, balance and coordination.

Be safe … have fun … and know your Chiron family is always here for you.