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When patients arrive on our doorstep for the first time, many are unsure that therapy will help. These patients expect little because they have never had to rehabilitate an injury. Others come discouraged, having either not succeeded in previous rehab attempts or having been told they would not be able to succeed beyond a certain point. These people expect to fall short of their desires and goals. Then together through hard work, determination and encouragement, we exceed the emotional and physical expectations of the individual and get the individual past the limitations they thought they would have to live with. As one person said, “you gave me back my leg.”

We are so humbled to walk alongside so many wonderful people on their journey toward health. Here are some of their stories… what would you say?

We are committed to providing quality care. Please let us know how we did.
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Able to turn my neck!

– P.N.

“I am now able to turn my neck to either side without any problems. Upper body strength has increased and carrying a laundry basket gives me no problems.”

I feel more comfortable walking!

– J.L.

“When I first started, my range of motion was about zero. After three weeks, I am pedaling 20 – 30 minutes per day, pain is minimal and I feel more comfortable walking with and without the leg brace.”

My headaches have diminished

– A.T.

“My headaches have diminished. But more than that I have re-learned home maintenance as far as exercise, hydration, stretching and especially posture.”

Worked out the kinks

– J.R.

“When I came to Chiron I was in severe back and neck pain. The Chiron team started slow and worked out the kinks point by point until I felt normal again. Thank you to Team Chiron for giving me my life back.”

I feel back to normal

– M.M.

“Progress took less time than I initially anticipated. I feel back to normal… I’m sad to not have to come back but I’m happy to have my left arm back.”

Function of my left foot has returned

– M.G.

“My pain reduced significantly and the strength and function of my left foot has returned back to pre-injury. I am now able to return to my everyday activities and exercise routine with confidence.”

My pain has gotten much better

– J.O.

“My pain has gotten much better. They’ve taught me ways to stretch and exercise to alleviate pain. This has been so helpful and I would recommend them to anyone.”

My strength has improved!

– P.B.

“I cannot say enough about your staff. They are caring and give me the support to keep going and teach me just how much to keep challenging myself. My strength and endurance have significantly improved since I have been coming. I thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart.”