Our Move is Postponed

January 28th, 2020

For the past 15 months, we have shared with you our excitement about moving to a new location and the progress that was occurring on a building we designed with YOU in mind. We have been so grateful and humbled by your support for the project, showing your enthusiasm during conversations in the clinic, at community functions and on social media.

Today, with mixed emotions, we offer an update. We will not be moving into Community Corner in the coming weeks BUT instead we will be moving this time next year. We will be moving into a soon-to-be-built stand-alone building on Tall Cedars across the street from Community Corner.

Our new space at Community Corner was being designed with YOU, our friends and neighbors we passionately serve, in mind. Our commitment to quality care and our mission of delivering on our PERFECT PT Promise were being built into the design John had so meticulously drafted with the architects. The new environment was going to be brighter and provide the space for expanding on our current services and enable us to offer additional services. It was also going to provide the space to bring all of our staff under one roof making us better able to serve you.

Unfortunately during the project, some elements were not constructed as we had designed and expected. As project delays continued into December and it was apparent the design element issues could not be fixed, we met with VanMetre to seek a solution. To their credit, VanMetre recognized the errors and has offered to “fix the issues” by constructing a brand new building for us. The new building will be constructed allowing us to create the environment we envisioned when we initially planned to move.

Our emotions are mixed as we share this news. We of course are disappointed that we are not moving as planned and we apologize for the rollercoaster ride you have been on with us. We appreciate beyond words your support during this past year.

On the other hand, we are excited knowing that when we ultimately do move, we will be moving into the environment we had designed with you in mind. We hope you will get back on the ride with us and continue to show your enthusiasm as this journey begins again.

In meantime, you can count on the same great service in our current location and we will be launching our new services next month. In fact, we invite everyone to an Open House we are hosting on February 29th to kick off our new laser treatment, a treatment currently employed by pro and college athletes and used by individuals across the country to assist in pain management and recovery. Everyone who attends will get a FREE treatment and a discount on any packages purchased. Stay tuned for more information on the Open House and the benefits of the new laser.

Again thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the next steps of our journey together.