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1306, 2018

Physical Therapy in Sport: Focus on Golf

Posture, fitness and flexibility are critical to help remain fit and injury free for any sport, particularly golf. The achievements of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Lexi Thompson and Sung Hyun Park highlight an athleticism associated with a sport that once was considered leisurely. Today’s golfers – both amateurs and professionals – are training to be stronger and more flexible, capable of far more powerful swings than ever before.

2105, 2018

Time to Screen Your Body’s Physical Movement

It’s the perfect time of year to make an appointment with your physical therapist for a body movement screening, which is simply a way of identifying how your body functions during a variety of movements. A physical therapy checkup that includes a movement screen will ensure that you’re physically able to engage in popular spring and summer adventures.

1704, 2018

Safe and Pain Free Biking

For the average bike ride, an individual will average 90 revolutions per minute or 5,400 strokes per hour. While biking yields tremendous cardiovascular and physical fitness benefits, the repetitive motion of cycling can lead to wear and tear on the cartilage, ligaments and tendons surrounding one’s joints. The physical therapists of Chiron want to reduce your risk of strains, sprains and injury and keep you riding all season.

404, 2018

Make Time to Stretch . . . Your Body Will Be Grateful

Everyone knows that exercise is a part of healthy living but do you consider a stretching routine part of your exercise program or as an afterthought that gets done only if time permits? Since no one ever has enough time, it’s time for you to reconsider how you view stretching and consider adding it to your daily routine whether you exercise or not.