How to Avoid and Alleviate “Tech Neck”

25 Apr, 2019

Poor posture when using technology can create a lot of unnecessary pain, and today we’ll address how you can correct it.

As technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, a posture-related ailment we like to call “tech neck” has also become more prevalent.

Whether typing at an office desk or scrolling through our phones, many of us spend a large portion of our days with our heads down and our eyes glued to screens.

When we sit with our shoulders rounded and our head forward, it puts more strain on the muscles in our upper back. And as these muscles become more tired throughout the day, we tend to lean forward even more to compensate for the strain.

Instead of resolving the issue, though, this adjustment in posture can cause a lot of tension in a person’s neck.

Even if you can’t avoid periodically slipping into such a position, there is a simple exercise that can mitigate some of the associated problems it can lead to. Five times each hour, sit straight up in your chair with your arms at your sides, then hold your shoulder blades together for 10 seconds. By doing this so often, slouching will eventually become less comfortable than sitting with good posture.

When using a computer, tucking chair in under your desk, pulling your keyboard closer to you, and keeping your elbows at your side will help facilitate a more comfortable, and less straining, position. When using a cell phone, hold it up higher and look down with your eyes instead of with your entire head. Following these tactics will be essential in helping you to prevent tech neck.

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